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February 2020
As of February 7th, 2020, I have a functional demonstration unit. It will pull itself along on wheels.
I need participants to replicate this, as is the purpose of the Grassroots Mechanic’s Movement.
I am now starting to document the components used (lest I forget) and basic construction of the unit. It isn’t perfect & is not ready for real world testing in a street vehicle as there is still a very long pause between linear propulsion pulses. I believe that perhaps another complete unit matching the build of the current assembly but running exactly 180 degrees out of phase (or timing), would work to help compensate for the pause in linear propulsion.
The demonstration unit produces a pulsed linear motion which is produced by moving weights which are connected via pivoting mechanisms to planetary gears rotating around a sun gear of the same specs as the planet. Restraining the movement of the pivoting weight is critical to the operation of the unit and changing the timing of restraints is effective for increasing or decreasing the propulsive force.



In the videos below, the unit is running on a 2 speed, Honda Accord windshield wiper motor.

If you notice in the videos that at times the unit seems to not surge forward, it is because the workbench is not perfect, so the little bearings used as wheels are getting stuck and it pulls itself over the imperfections of the bench top surface.

Note: Input power load does not change regardless of the work load.

2 speed motor on low
2 speed motor on high

2 speed motor on high

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