Page 2, Roy Thornson’s System:

January 2020
As of January 10th, 2020, I have determined that the Thornson reactionless propulsion drive system known as the EZKL does indeed work & I now move forward with this base design & attempt to develop it in useful ways and perhaps ways that Mr. Thornson never did.
This all being said, I have researched the possibility of contacting Brandson Roy Thornson directly to get his approval for me to utilize portions of his research & offer to give him all due credit for his hard work. I found, however, his obituary. I may attempt to contact some of his surviving family at some point, but due to his passing & the expiration of the US patent I will simply & quietly continue forward with my endeavors to develop this reactionless propulsion into a usable transportation power transmission source. Specifically, I would like to see this developed as a type of “Plug-In Hybrid” powertrain module for automobiles.
Due to the high efficiency of this design, it’s reactionless propulsion stigma, and the potentially perceived threat to certain companies and/or entities involved in propulsion systems, great caution needs to be exercised during the development of this technology prior to and during any widespread public disclosure.
At this point, I believe that developing this as an “open-source” tech through the  formation a type of Grassroots Mechanic Movement may be the best route for spreading the development of this.
Note added 3/19/2020: Because of published obituaries and public newspaper articles, I believe most of Roy’s immediate family has passed. I found a son still living (Andrew Thornson) who has an active Facebook page, but I have not attempted contact.

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