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Feb 18, 2020

Now that I have the POP (Proof Of Principal) demo able to propel itself on wheels without any reverse action. It is strong enough to push small objects along with it, things like wrenches, spray cans, etc. It is time to find someone willing to duplicate it.
I am also switching back to just 2 flexplates turning as it is much easier to experiment with.


It should be made perfectly clear that I want this technology perfected but I also want it freely disseminated! In this blog there are no secrets regarding the workings of the reactionless drive. Most patents leave out critical details, or the details are skewed just enough to make an actual working model impossible. Such is the case with the patent filed by Brandson “Roy” Thornson. He spoke of stopping and/or steering the movement of the pendulum weights attached to the planet gears and he called them “planet traps”. I suppose he did this to increase the mystique of this critical component.
Much of this project is based upon Roy’s work from the 1970’s & I want to make sure that he gets credited for all his hard work and personal investment. Thank you Roy!
As this blog progresses there will be components talked about which should be defined now to aid in understanding and reduce confusion. So, here is a Glossary of common components.
Flexplate = The large round rotating plates the other gears are mounted to.
Sun Gear = The center gear, mounted to the flexplate’s axle, it does not turn.
Planet Gear = The outer gear, mounted to the flexplate. It rotates & orbits the sun gear.
Pendulum Weight = The weight attached to the planet gear(s) via a pivot.
Inner Stop = The place on the flexplate’s axle where the pend. weight makes contact.
Outer Stop = Mechanical device stopping or redirecting the movement of the pend. weight.
Brake = Stop 

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