Page 1, Reactionless Propulsion:

Dec 2019
After designing, building & testing a reasonably successful POC (proof of concept) reactionless propulsion device of my owndesign, I have temporarily shelved the original POC device in order to devote my time and energy to a very promising unit with a much more simplistic mechanical design.
The origin of this design was from a Canadian inventor named Roy Thornson. This reactionless propulsion unit was known as the EZKL by the inventor who attempted to present his device to the Canadian government with little success as the Canadian government seemed to have no interest in such a propulsion device. He gave numerous public & private demonstrations of the prototype EZKL, as well as lectures & presentations relating the working principals of his invention. It was reported that there were private demonstrations made to engineers & scientists from large companies worldwide. I found his information on the internet & found that he also had a long-expired US patent for the EZKL. After reviewing as much information as I could find published on the internet, I obtained a copy of the DVD which had video recordings of some of Mr. Thornson’s lectures, presentations & of him personally outlining his thought process regarding the EZKL. He also demonstrated the EZKL POC prototype on the video with explanations in vivid detail.
After reviewing his information, using his own words, videos, drawings & presentations as a guide, I proceeded to build a prototype of the EZKL. I have been able to observe the relationship(s) between it and my own design and have observed some basic design issues that my own research was able to help overcome.
At this time, I have had no one helping me or guiding me save for the late Mr. Thornson himself via the videos and written materials I purchased from some of the remaining repositories of nearly lost technical information.

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