Vol 2, Page 5, Sprockets & Roller Chain Drive

Bench Testing Chain Drive with Drill as Power Source

I finally got my sprockets for the chain drive! They are surplus so there are nicks and dings, but nothing a file won’t easily fix. They have an “unfinished” one-inch (25 mm) hole, that puts the hole slightly undersized, but that actually worked out in my favor for use on the jack shaft as it made for a nice press fit on the 1” section of shaft. I then welded the sprocket into place on the shaft to make it a permanent install.

I used a plasma cutter to open the 1” holes up on the sprockets being used on the wheels, that way there is no need for spacers to mount them on the axles. Cutting the hole open like that is ugly, but I don’t really care, as it cannot be seen once it is installed.

I put it together enough to see the chain drive work with a cordless drill running it up to approximately 1500 RPMs. I still need the parts bolted to the plank base so that nothing can shift position with the weights installed.

I believe that I will wait to finish the drive assembly with a motor until I can see how much power it is going to take to make it run, and at what RPM. I have several large electric drills that I can use to do those tests if necessary.


Truing a Sprocket on a Wheel Assembly, Getting Ready to Weld

Bench Testing Chain Drive with Drill as Power Source  

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