Page 6, Minor Distraction & Understanding Leads to Improvement

March 26, 2020

A minor distraction has shown that the statement “It’s about the impact” is partially correct. Impact is very important to creating an inertial thrust device with enough efficiency to be worthwhile, however,impact alone does not make a viable working unit!
It is very apparent that if the centripetal push is in opposition to impact push the two will attempt to cancel each other out.
A POP device was created with a 2-speed motor which freewheeled at either 60 or 80 rpms. A loose bracket with a sliding bar was fastened across the axle. Each end of the bar had a bearing on it and the whole assembly inserted in a plastic housing.
Operation: The bar would impact the housing and be pushed away from the impact and the reaction pushed the unit in the direction of the impact… However, by pushing the bar into an opposing position it instilled the centripetal force in the opposite direction. By indexing the position of the housing into a more “sideways” push, the impact was able to push forward with slightly more force creating a very weak forward motion.
Only if the impact and inertial (centripetal) force are within the same 180-degree arc is there enough usable linear push.
 Using this knowledge in the Thornson style drive system:
The inner stop/planet trap is reasonably simple (at this point in the development) and serves for impact and keeps the weight from crossing the center of the sun gear.
The outer planet trap is much more complex, in function as well as in form. Stopping movement of the weight is not a viable option but a brake creates impact and directs the movement into a position for the desired “whip-like motion” which is effectively another impact (on the pivot pin of the weight). It is this “virtual impact sequence” that makes up most of the linear force used in this drive, the Thornson, and all Thornson-like drives.
The diversion was informative and now can be seen as a useful tool in the overall understanding of this technology. Understanding leads to improvement!

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