Volume 2 (V2), Page 1, PIE 2.0 Begins

Volume 2 (PIE2.0)…

The rework of many unused parts that are left over from PIE1.0 has begun, along with some newly fabricated pieces for the new unit. Planning for this began about the same time that the first successful demo pulsed its way across multiple work benches.

From the time that first unit moved on its own I have wanted to build a better unit, capable of higher RPMs and running a heavier pendulum weight. Digressing to, and remembering, the 1970s VHS video of Brandson Roy Thornson’s drive pushing a canoe around an Olympic sized swimming pool, that unit had 4 rotating discs (2 CW rotation, 2 CCW rotation) and each had a 5-pound pendulum weight.

PIE 2.0 is going to start out with weights that are around 4.7-pounds. They will not be using any counter-rotating assemblies unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. Yet to be determined is to the number of rotating assemblies, the power source, and speed of rotation (RPMs).

I have about 20 to 25 pictures of various parts, pieces, tools & assorted “junk” waiting to be put to use. Since some find that interesting, I will put some of the pics in this the blog, but will not include them in my personal journal documenting this project.

Base Part in Primer

Chop Saw

Small Drill Press

Spare Motor

Spare Motor

Spare Parts

Lengthened Planet Gear Axle – Revised To Be Used As Stop

PIE 2.0 Weight

Base Part

Planet Gear Needing Re-Work

Planet Gear With Long Pivot Bolt

2 Flexplates & Assorted Junk

Mocking up PIE 2.0

Mocking up PIE 2.0

Mocking up PIE 2.0

Pieces & Parts

Weighing As We Go

Digital Scale is More Accurate

Setting Up Revised Stop On Planet Gear

What a Mess!

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