Page 26, TEST DATA!!! Coming Up Next, PIE 2.0

Test data is coming in now. After a few hiccups in the testing procedures, the data is clearly indicating that the PIE is taking a small percentage of load off the test vehicle’s engine.

 All percentage of engine load reduction readings are automatically averaged by the scan tool taking those readings.

All readings used in this test phase taken by Matco Interrogator, which is the Matco branded OTC Pegisys scan tool.

1-mile test track with 20mph speed limit and 2 stop signs: 2% engine load reduction.

Same 1-mile track with battery at 10.5 volts: 2% engine load reduction.

50/50 highway & city (light traffic) 55mph & 30mph limits respectfully: 3 % to 5% engine load reduction. Traffic variations causing engine load reduction variation

These conditions were repeated over and over with solid repeating results. So it is official, PIE 1.0 is a success, testing reveals that it works as an add on hybrid system. I think that the most amazing revelation is that the PIE exerts enough force to be recorded using a car windshield wiper motor as its prime mover.

Testing will continue as I work toward a PIE version 2.0. This next version will be much more powerful.

A new PIE 2.0 To-Do list will be published very soon.

Stay tuned, the exiting stuff has yet to happen!!!!

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