Page 23, Thornson Book, Video & Patent

Because the PIE is so closely bound to the many years of dedicated work of Brandson Roy Thornson, I am providing some of the most pertinent info I have for anyone interested.

I have uploaded copies of the book “Inertial Impulse Propulsion Engine of Brandson Roy Thornson”, the “Thornson Physics” full movie-length video, and the Thornson U.S. patent. 

They are saved to a Google Drive that I only use for sharing information. 

Here are links to each of these works,. 

Please note: The video’s quality is rather poor at times. It was recovered from old VHS tape format which was degrading in storage.

Also note: The book seems a bit disjointed, or out of order. This is exactly as it was published and delivered to me. The information in its pages is priceless and needs to be preserved.




To the best of my knowledge none of these works are currently protected by an active copyright. If anyone knows differently, please leave it in a comment and if found to be true, the work will be removed immediately.

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