PIETECH Page 13, PIE 4.6 Is Now PIE 4.7 With Addition Of A “DSC”

The integration of an external control circuit known as “Differential Speed Control” (or DSC) on the PIE 4.6 is such an important component that the PIE revision level is now PIE 4.7!

Micro Switch and Actuator for DSC

This latest test design is a “Differential Speed Control” (DSC) circuit added to the DC speed controller and actuated by a micro switch. When the micro switch is actuated via an adjustable cam the motor speed increases by an adjustable amount. The amount of increase is adjusted using a potentiometer (“pot”) using just 2 connections, effectively making it a rheostat or adjustable resistor. The pot and switch are in parallel with the adjustable pot on the motor speed controller, and simply lower the resistance in the control circuit of the motor controller.

Because the dc motor has more than enough power necessary to run the PIE, the speed change is nearly instant. The difference between the set speed and the higher speed is the “differential”, and this differential is acting in concert with the planetary gear set to effectively put more control over the weight’s velocity. It is the change of the weight’s velocity (including the changes when contacting the stops) which is responsible for the PIE’s propulsion!

I took a completely hand-held video (no tripod) of the new circuit in operation and it is now posted to YouTube and BitChute, the next video will be using the tripod.

The video can be seen here:

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