StclairTech R&D
StClairtech R&D: 
Stclairtech R&D is a fully independent research and 
development organization. 
Stclairtech R&D has an extensive background in the 
automotive industry, and is currently focusing on 
several emerging "Alternative Technologies" 
(propulsion and others). 
(Pulsed Inertial Engine Technology) 
Electric Propulsion: 

PIE is an Open Source vehicle propulsion project. 
Which builds on an Incredible framework developed by 
Brandson "Roy" Thornson nearly 50 years ago 
in the 1970s and into the 1980s. 
This is a scientifically proven technology which can and 
does propel a vehicle (ANY VEHICLE) without an external 
connection to the surrounding environment. 
Further information can be found using the links below. 
"Grassroots Mechanic Movement" BLOG and videos 
present many details in the early development of the PIE 
and PIETECH system(s). 

The much awaited PIE BUILDERS MANUAL is finished and ready to ship out!               A complete instruction manual for those who want to build a PIE to use.  
The PIE BUILDERS MANUAL also includes access to a set of Companion Videos 
and personalized tech support made especially for the manual's owners. 

The Grassroots Mechanic Movement blog is now available on this website. All of the original information, pictures, videos, etc. have been imported into this new home on the Stclairtech web site.
Please feel free to leave comments and also let me know if anyone finds something that didn't import properly.
The original blog will remain available for now, but updates after December 14, 2020 will only be made on the blog site.