Vol. 2, Page 3, Preparing Parts for PIE 2.0, Second New Weight -Build and Test-

Newest Weight Ready for Testing

Building the revised PIE, version 2.0, is well under way. There are two weights are virtually ready for testing. The gears are looking as good as they ever will, and the base has been partially modified to accommodate the revisions in the configuration.

I have decided that the drive system will be using #40 roller chain & sprockets. The sprockets and chain are available at a very reasonable price from surplussupply.com. It is too bad that they do not have spur gears to use for the sun & planet gears as well. Regardless, I am getting as much done as feasible while I wait for the sprockets arrive (I already have chain).

 I am planning to use a jackshaft, of sorts, to drive the chain. The inexpensive and plentiful components already sourced and obtained will comprise a portion of the jackshaft assembly. I am having a custom shaft machined upon which to fasten the sprocket.

A custom shaft would be unnecessary if the shaft, sprocket and available bearings were all the same diameter, but weighing the option of sourcing more components vs. those already obtained and having one custom component made I choose the latter. A local machine shop would make the shaft for between $25 and $50 US, while pillow block bearings would be that price for each one. As previously stated, the objective is a simple, replicable drive, that is also safe and affordable.

Testing the Action of the Second New Weight

Pieces of Steel Being Assembled Into Second New Weight
Second New Weight Getting Painted

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